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From time to time, Hillsdale is in the news. Our partners often speak at conferences or other events, and our accomplishments are covered in the financial media.

The Times They Are a Changin’ - Presentation at CFA Society Vancouver

Speaker: Harry Marmer, CFA, Executive Vice President, Institutional Investment Services, Hillsdale Investment Management Inc.

Date: Monday, November 22, 2010

Location: International Foundation 43rd Annual Canadian Employee Benefits Conference

Summary: This discussion looks at how the Institutional Investment Business has evolved from three distinct business lines to a collage of competing firms. It specifically addresses the factors that have caused this slow but dramatic change in industry structure and discusses what the implications are for Plan Sponsors, Consultants and Money Managers. Topics covered include:

•The evolution of the institutional landscape over the past decade and how it will further evolve in the future

•How the traditional three building blocks of institutional business have melted away and have been replaced by a collage of businesses

•The forces that have caused the creative destruction of the institutional investment landscape and their importance in the future

•Implications for Pension Plan Sponsors, Consultants and Money Managers