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Individuals & Families

Our relationships span years and cross generations. They are built on trust, investment excellence and client service.

    Customized Investment Counselling

    Hillsdale is an independent Investment Manager. We provide customized investment counselling to help individuals and families meet their financial and retirement goals.

    Since 1996, our clients have benefited from our independent approach, personal service, trusted relationships, and comprehensive financial planning. Many clients confidently refer friends and family to us – a clear measure of their trust in us and our investment strategies.

    Hillsdale offers:

    • Your own investment counsellor and in-house portfolio management team
    • Actively managed investment solutions, with a 25 year track record
    • Value and performance through global diversification
    • Customized Retirement Planning Solutions (not available to residents of Quebec)

    Facts at a Glance

    Clients with Hillsdale for 5+ years
    New clients referred by existing clients
    Minimum portfolio size
    (in $)
    Countries that Hillsdale actively invests in
    Currencies across Hillsdaleā€™s investment strategies

    Hillsdale Puts You in Control of Your Investments

    As a Hillsdale client, you have access to a dedicated Investment Counsellor and in-house Portfolio Managers – an entire team working diligently to deliver performance excellence in line with your goals and risk appetite.

    By clearly establishing accountability and avoiding intermediaries, Hillsdale’s integrated approach puts you firmly in control of your investments.

    Existing clients may access their portfolio statements at My Hillsdale.

    True Diversification Within a Clearly Defined Risk Budget

    As a Hillsdale client, you have access to a diversified mix of actively-managed Canadian, U.S. and international investment solutions and global currencies.

    We focus on areas of the financial markets that are generally inaccessible to individual investors and that respond well to active management. For our clients, this means being able to take maximum advantage of market opportunities, while working within a clearly defined risk budget.

    Retirement & Succession Planning *

    As a Hillsdale client, you will receive a comprehensive financial plan, one that encompasses all stages of your life and provides for inter-generational wealth transfer.

    Where applicable, we will design the plan in collaboration with your other advisors – accountants, lawyers, financial or estate planners. Hillsdale also has its own network of experts to help with your taxation, estate planning, wealth transfer and philanthropic initiatives.

    *Not available to residents of Quebec

    Hillsdale Financial Planning Services

    How Best To Transfer Wealth To Your Kids


    Whether you wish to support an established cause or explore a new area where you can have an impact, we can help you create the optimal philanthropy strategy. With intimate knowledge of your investment portfolio, we can integrate your financial plans with your philanthropic goals and timelines.

    Over the years, we have also partnered with our clients to support and contribute to the causes that are meaningful to them. We aim to continue this journey. We believe that together, we make the world a better place!

    How Best To Donate Money

    Acting in Your Interests

    Hillsdale follows CFA© Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

    As fiduciaries, we abide by the following duties of care:

    • Loyalty, Prudence, and Care: Acting with reasonable care and exercising prudent judgment.
    • Fair Dealing: Acting for clients’ benefit and placing clients’ interests before ours.
    • Suitability: Making only those investment recommendations that are consistent with the stated objectives and constraints of your portfolio.

    Portfolio Review and Communication

    Your dedicated Investment Counsellor continuously monitors your portfolio for opportunities and communicates with you regularly. At a minimum, they will review your detailed portfolio and financial plan with you once a year.

    In between meetings, you can easily access your portfolio, transactions, performance and asset mix reports electronically or in print, as you wish. You will also receive Headlines, Hillsdale’s Monthly Newsletter, as well as semi-annual Market Outlook reports.

    You may read more about our research in our Research section.

    U.S. Clients

    Hillsdale Investment Management Inc. (“Hillsdale”) is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) as an investment advisor.

    We provide customized discretionary investment advisory services to individuals and families, to help meet their financial and retirement goals. Our services are offered primarily through direct investment in Hillsdale’s proprietary pooled funds (the “Funds”) and through the discretionary management of separate managed accounts (“SMA”).  Hillsdale Funds offer access to actively-managed Canadian, U.S. and international strategies.  We do not typically provide advice on non-proprietary products.

    Our investment advisory services are offered exclusively to ‘accredited investors’ with a minimum investment of USD $500,000. As a Hillsdale client, you are assigned to an investment adviser who creates and manages your investment portfolio in accordance with your agreed risk-return mandate and financial goals.

    For further detail and information, please refer to
    Hillsdale’s Customer Relationship Summary document


    For more information about Investment Counselling and Family offices, please contact Amit Goel.

    Phone: (416) 913-3944

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