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Institutional Investors

We are firmly focused on preserving and growing our clients’ capital. Our adaptive investment process, which applies the best of fundamental, quantitative and capital markets research, delivers a distinct edge to our clients, enabling them to benefit from changing market conditions and empowering them to actively manage risk.

    A Select Group of Clients

    Hillsdale’s institutional clients consist of a select group of sophisticated and savvy, direct institutional investors including defined benefit plans, endowments/foundations, and manager of manager programs. Our client services team is committed to delivering service excellence through an engaged and responsive senior client relationship team.

    Informed Advice

    Hillsdale’s Portfolio Advisory Services provides clients with informed advice through ongoing investment research and advice to help them solve strategic investment issues. Some of our more recently completed client assignments include:

    • Creating and Launched a Momentum Strategy with a pre-specified tracking error budget
    • Evaluating the portfolio characteristics of complementary strategy blends
    • Assessing the Principal Components of equity market returns and alpha drivers
    • Evaluating the seasonality of small cap investing

    GIPS® Compliance

    Hillsdale Investment Management Inc. claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein.

    Hillsdale Investment Management Inc. (the “Company”) is the “Firm” to which the GIPS Standards apply.  The Company was incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporations Act on January 5, 1996 for the purpose of providing portfolio and investment management services. The Company provides investment management services to institutional and private clients through separate managed accounts and to the Hillsdale Pooled Funds. To receive GIPS-compliant performance information and/or Hillsdale Investment Management Inc.’s list of composites, strategies and products, please email your request to

    CFA Institute’s Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct

    We apply integrity and competence to act in the best interest of all of our investors.  Hillsdale follows strict compliance and governance standards and abides by the CFA Institute’s Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.  In addition, all of Hillsdale’s portfolio managers and investment professionals abide by the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics Standards of Professional Conduct.


    For more information regarding Institutional Services, please contact Harry Marmer, EVP and Partner.

    Contact Harry

    We build client relationships with excellent intellectual exchange.