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From time to time, Hillsdale is in the news. Our partners often speak at conferences or other events, and our accomplishments are covered in the financial media.

Sector Watch: Picking early-stage winners

Small-capitalization stocks are known for generating superior returns over the long run.  However, stock-picking is particularly important in the small-cap arena, in which companies are at an earlier stage of development and their stocks often are more volatile than established, blue-chip stocks. Chris Guthrie, president, CEO and chief investment officer of Toronto-based Hillsdale Investment Management Inc., says the recent market correction created better valuations for micro-cap stocks and made buying them in quantity easier. “Right now, the valuations of small-caps vs large-caps are incredibly attractive,” Guthrie adds.  “We don’t have to compete to buy them, so we’re shopping.  As stocks get cheaper, the expected return goes up.”  Read more in the attached article: Sector Watch: Picking early-stage winners By: Jade Hemeon, Investment Executive, November 23, 2018