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From time to time, Hillsdale is in the news. Our partners often speak at conferences or other events, and our accomplishments are covered in the financial media.

Call for Papers: Toronto CFA Society and Hillsdale Research Award

Hillsdale Investment Management would like to thank all who have participated in the 2012 Toronto CFA Society and Hillsdale Canadian Investment Research Award. Submissions are now closed. The winner will be announced in the New Year.

CFA Society Toronto and Hillsdale call on investment practitioners and academics to compete for the $10,000 Toronto CFA Society Hillsdale Investment Research Award

Toronto, June 22, 2012 – CFA Society Toronto and Hillsdale Investment Management invite academic researchers and investment industry professionals from around the world to submit research papers for the third annual Toronto CFA Society and Hillsdale Canadian Investment Research Award.

“This award is a great way for academics and industry practitioners to get exposure and recognition for their research in Canadian capital markets.” said Peter S. Jarvis, CFA, executive director, CFA Society Toronto.

The award is open to global researchers conducting research related to Canadian capital markets including both academics (e.g., professors and students) and practitioners. CFA Society Toronto reserves the right not to grant an award in a given year. The winner will receive one research award of $10,000 CAD and will be announced at a reception hosted by CFA Society Toronto. 

Applications are judged on the potential contribution of their applied research to topics of interest related to Canadian capital markets. Areas of research interest include any aspect of investment management, such as portfolio management, asset valuation, risk management, compliance and performance evaluation. Investment fields include traditional and alternative investments, as well as all asset classes and investment vehicles (e.g., fixed income, equities, derivatives, etc.). Papers that have been published or accepted for publication, simultaneously submitted for awards with other organizations, or received extensive media coverage will not be considered.

“Hillsdale and CFA Society Toronto share the same vision for high quality research. In recent years, Canadian capital markets have earned the confidence of domestic and global investors. We must build on this and continue to offer a unique value proposition to investors in the global context. We believe that excellent research is a driver of continuous improvement in our field. Hillsdale is thrilled to support this very meaningful initiative once again this year,” said Chris Guthrie, CFA, president and CEO, Hillsdale.

“We are very keen on applied investment research for the practitioner on Canadian markets. Teaming up with the premiere organization that leads such causes is a great honour.” Harry Marmer, CFA, executive vice president, Hillsdale.

Dr. Pauline Shum was the first recipient of the Toronto CFA Society & Hillsdale Canadian Investment Research Award, for her research paper entitled, “The Long and Short of Leveraged ETFs: the Financial Crisis and Performance Attribution.”

Alexander Dyck and Lukasz Pomorski were the second recipients for their paper entitled, “Is Bigger Better: Size and Performance in Pension Plan Management”.

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