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News & Events

From time to time, Hillsdale is in the news. Our partners often speak at conferences or other events, and our accomplishments are covered in the financial media.

10th Annual CSTA Conference

Speaker: John Motherwell, Vice President, Institutional Marketing

Date: August 21-24, 2003

Venue: Whistler, BC

Synopsis: Hedge Fund panel discussion moderated by Andrew Willis of the Globe and Mail. Panelists were Gene Vollendorf of Savoy Capital, David Solomon of Goldman Sacs and John Motherwell of Hillsdale Investment Management.

Discussions focused on an overview of the hedge fund industry, growth of assets and strategies, current regulatory environment with anticipated changes and differing service requirements of hedge fund managers. Given the audience of institutional salespersons and execution desks, the hedge fund managers were asked for particular requirements that might help execution desks provide better service. Due to the disciplined approach of Hillsdale’s strategies, rumours and noise from trading desks are largely ignored. Input is received and screened through the trading operation but does not impact portfolio decision making. However, in a quantitative modeling approach, access to varying and different types of research and data is always appreciated. In this way, service could focus on interesting data items as opposed to flow information.

Sponsor: Canadian Security Traders Association