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Benefits Canada Reports Hillsdale as One of Top 5 Fastest Growing Money Managers in $1B AUM Category

Benefits Canada recognizes Hillsdale Investment Management Inc. as one of the top five fastest growing money managers in its May 2017 report on the Canadian Institutional Investment Network’s spring 2017 top 40 money managers survey.

The Premature Death of Alpha is featured in Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture

Barry Ritholtz posts and comments on Harry Marmer’s presentation, The Premature Death of Alpha, on his site The Big Picture: “Interesting take on who gets credit (or blame) for the Death of Alpha: This is a slide from Harry Marmer (full presentation after the jump) looking at the various players involved…”


Latest Events

Are Alphas Becoming Smart Betas?  Presentation to CFA Society Saskatchewan by Harry Marmer, CFA

Harry Marmer, Partner & EVP, examines both alpha and beta with the objective of determining Are Alphas Becoming Smart Betas? Topics covered included: the difference between alpha, beta and smart beta, and the implications of smart beta and alpha for sponsors, consultants and money managers.